Cole Forge

A small business in the hills of Vermont on a mission to improve the way people heat.

Wood stoves for space heating, cooking, and domestic hot water.

What kind of company will Cole Forge Stoves be?

I’ve had the good fortune of working for a few companies with really strong cultures and it has helped me realize how important and powerful that can be. Times when my personal life and my work life blended into one thread were some of the happiest and most satisfying times of my life. I’ve thought a lot about what kind of company I’d like to build. Here are my thoughts:

Passion and Purpose

I started Cole Forge Stoves to give people the tools they need to reduce their environmental impact. My stoves allow folks to replace the three appliances that typically consume the most fossil fuels in modern homes. I want all of my employees to be very proud of that.

I want them to come to work in the morning knowing that they’re making a difference in the world. I want them to leave at the end of the day with a smile on their face and a contented heart. I want to bring meaning to people’s lives and inspire them in their daily role. I want to hire strong, smart folks that truly share my values. I want to hire people that really and truly hate our society’s dependence on fossil fuels.

I also want to really connect with my customers. I want to share my passion and knowledge with them. The more Cole Forge Stoves can educate the masses, the better.


Personal Growth

I want to be the type of workplace that nurtures people and helps them grow and improve themselves. I want to create an atmosphere that encourages folks to be self sufficient and assume leadership roles.

In any job, there needs to be time for executing and also time for growth and learning. It is my goal to provide an environment where people can maximize that learning time. I want employees to spend their entire careers at Cole Forge Stoves, but if they do decide to leave, I want them to leave with more skills and knowledge than they arrived with.


The Atmosphere

While our mission is very serious, I want Cole Forge Stoves to be a fun, exciting place to work. At 40 hrs/week, and with vacations and sleep accounted for, you’ll end up spending 35-40% of your waking hours at work. Thus, it’s important that you enjoy your time at work. It’s also important to me to respect that folks have rich and busy lives outside of work.

  • I want the Cole Forge Stoves factory to look like a ghost-town on snow days.

  • I want to sit around a big table and share a meal with my coworkers each day.

  • I don’t ever want my employees to miss their daughter’s soccer games for work.

Business Growth

I expect Cole Forge Stoves to grow quite quickly. I think the idea of a triple-function stove will resonate with folks and I hope that people are eager to do business with me. I plan to charge an honest price for an honest product and I want my stoves to be accessible to everyone.

A company needs to make money to stay in business, but I don’t want Cole Forge Stoves to be about growth for growth’s sake. I’ve seen a lot of companies lose sight of their mission in the interest of quarterly dividends and I don’t want Cole Forge Stoves to fall into that trap.

In the long run, I want Cole Forge Stoves to be owned by its employees - I can think of no better stewards than the people that are driving it forward.

Please reach out if you think you’d like to work at Cole Forge Stoves some day.